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Top 5 Myths About Running Tracks Live In Your Current Church Service

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In this video I’m going to debunk, crush, and bust what I believe to be the top 5 myths about running tracks live in your current worship service. Like me you have probably  found yourself confused multiple times when trying to figure out all this tech stuff. It seems everywhere you go, every article you read, and all the videos you watch seems to give you more information overload. In this video I explain why you no longer need to spend huge amounts of money & time to setup a multitrack in-ear system for the entire team. How you can automate things such as lyric display, chord charts, lighting, pads, and more. The days of having to use multiple apps and software is over if use worship song band the free multitrack player. You will find out very quickly why you no longer have to buy expensive courses just to learn how to use some costly daw software. With WSB if you can click a button you can run tracks live using this software. Some features you will be interested to know about is. How you can use this software to link multiple devices together so you the worship leader can always be in control and your team will never fell lost again. You can do this using our network feature inside of worship song band using wi-fi. Do you have custom pads? If so you can use those directly inside of worship song band or you can use our built in pads. You will also be able to use our built in click and cues or you can use the ones that came with your multitrack   when you purchased it from your provider. There is so much you can do inside of WSB that its hard to mention in this single article. Thats one reason I created this site and offer the services I do. Take a minute and check out the WSB setup service as this will save you time and money. This service gives you the ability to focus more on leading worship as I do all the heavy lifting for you by setting up your multitrack’s inside of worship song band. I have made this available along with other services and products as well so be sure to check out all the links on my website. We also will be offering real soon a complete system this includes all hardware and software you will need. This is good for someone looking for a complete setup solution right out of the box. You will be able to plug, play, and be ready to lead worship in a matter of minutes. Still need help? If, so I also offer private coaching and a free consultation as well so be sure to take advantage of that. The bottom line is, I honestly believe that together we can make your worship service on Sunday morning amazing. If you have any question feel free to contact me via this website. Thanks and God Bless… Keep rocking for jesus.

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