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Overview Of “Worship Song Band” The FREE Multitrack Player For Live Use!

Hi, My Name Is Michael Paul And I’m A worship leader and a worship song band user. I like most of you realize the importance of using backing tracks in a live worship situation. I mean let’s face it we all know the greats do it. If you didn’t know that know you do ha ha, I guess I just let the church cat out of the bag right there. Anyway, worship bands like Jesus Culture, Hillsong, New Life Worship, Bethel and the list goes on and on. But the question becomes as a worship leader in a smaller church how can I do this? When you you look at multi-tracks costing upwards of $40 each and software to run them costing a easy $800. Yeah I don’t know about you but I would have to skip a house payment in order to buy that. If thats not enough you have all these training guru’s running around on the internet trying to sell you there courses on how to run this expensive software once you have bought it. Quick thought! If I spend $800 on software I better not have to go get a college degree in order to learn how to operate it. Hold on, were not done yet!  So, what kind of computer are you going to run this on everyone is saying you can only use a Mac Book Pro in worship which is not true either, or maybe it was until I found some free software designed exactly to run worship backing tracks live. The software is called Worship Song Band and In this video I’m going to explain some of it’s features and you will quickly realize why I’m so crazy over it and while you will be too. This software pretty much does it all and what few things it may not do are under development as we speak. Some of the things I really love about it. You can setup custom in ear mixes for each member of your worship team without all the cost of having to purchase a in ear monitor system. Yeah this free software will run on Pc, Mac, Android, and iOS. So if you have any of these devices plus a set of ear buds you are ready to rock out for JESUS! This is just one of the many features Inside of Worship Song Band so click play on the video because you are about to get excited! You can also  visit Guide Tracks for low cost high quality multitracks as Scott offers a lot of those as free downloads as well.  Well that’s about it for this post, until next time. Keep rocking for JESUS!

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